A perfect solution to earn a passive income.

All at no cost to you! free atm placement in US


"Just show us where to place it, and we will provide free ATM placement, installation, technical support and maintenance — all at no cost to you! You can earn a portion of the surcharge revenue with zero monthly fees like a passive income!"


If you are a hands-off type of business owner, this is the best fit for you! We take care of everything for you, including ATM installation, programming, cash management service. You never have to worry about anything linked to the ATM.




If you are more hands on then this is the plan for you. We supply you with the machine and all you do is keep the ATM machine supplied with hard currency. Whatever money that customers withdraw is automatically re-deposited into your bank account every 24 hours.


"With the Full ATM Placement & Partial Placement programs you earn a percentage of the surcharge profits from the machine, which are paid to you."

Merchant Owned and Operated

Make more with your very own machine, many of our merchants prefer to invest in the upfront cost for the ATM and cash to load the machine. Under this plan, the profit sharing is the highest since the merchant is responsible for providing cash for the ATM and all maintenance. Upon taking this option most ATM providers will leave you to fend for your own. Although you possess and operate the machine as the merchant, we still have your back. ICS will continue to provide you with great service whenever you require it. Many of our merchants that own their own machines would happily attest to the post purchase services we cater. Our team of well-trained professionals offers training, repairs and troubleshooting to help you with any issues you may have with your terminal.

ICS Merchant Services

Merchant services are a classification of financial establishments in the United States that is utilized by organizations. They approved monetary transactions that enable a business to acknowledge charge card or bank platinum card transactions utilizing web-based requests.

A regularly related term is Merchant Service Provider (MSP) the name used to portray an organization or association that will give exchange preparing answers for dealers.

We at ICS offer many different ways to process a credit card transaction. Our favorite two options are the traditional way where you the merchant pays the fees every time someone uses a credit or debit card or the new way which we strongly recommend which the fee gets passed to the client. We provide proper signage that incentives your customers to pay cash. This means a bigger bottom line and increased profits of up-to 4%! We strongly stand behind our word that you will see and immediate increase in profits, so much so that we offer a 60-day guarantee.

24/7 In-House Customer Service

Next Day Funding

High-Risk Processing Options

Cash Discount Program Benefits

With a wide variety of payment options, credit card processing can be an encumbrance more so for businesses with minimal budgets. In such stringent situations, cash discount programs can prove a moderating influence for Retailers seeking to cut down fees that impinge their profit-making potential while ensuring affordable prices for customers.

To learn more about how a cash discount program can benefit your business,

Make the ultimate move that puts more money in your pocket every month with ICS Cash Discount Program.

Nevertheless, small retailers such as owners of convenience stores, bars and single location restaurants are often found complaining about the high costs related to accepting credit and debit cards. The recent innovations in cashless payment technology have invariably complicated payment options available to both merchants and consumers alike.

• Increase your normative share in the revenue.

•Reduce monthly processing card fees.

• Encourage cash payments by offering discount packages

• Transparent pricing.

• Minimize credit and debit card chargebacks.

• Distinguish your business in a highly competitive scenario.

• Create good will amongst customers, and hence a tradition of recurring visits from loyal customers.




You can seamlessly transition from cash discounting to traditional processing by simply canceling the Non-Cash Charge on your Valor terminal during a transaction and entering a confirmation password. The terminal will automatically switch the MID when the password is entered. Dual MID support allows you to retain their customers who are not willing to pay the Non-Cash Charge. We also offer traditional processing accounts at a reduced rate from your current traditional processor.


On-screen tip suggestions allow you to offer your customers 4 different tipping options, set and customized by you, through the Valor Merchant Portal. Smart tipping is also available on paper receipts.


Merchants, employees, and customers are kept safe by accepting contactless payments. Contactless payments allow merchants and their employees to process payments without having to physically touch the customer’s card. Our VL100 and VL110 terminals are equipped with a contactless payment option that can accept eWallet payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay.

ICS was founded on the basis of providing everything that an ATM merchant would ever need from ATMs, wraps, merchant services, mobile ATMs and many more. We are aiming to truly become the one stop shop of the industry. Samir Kadi, an industry veterans with vast experience, is dedicated to the cause of making it easy for merchants to obtain the necessities required to run their business with efficiency and ease. We are constantly seeking simple and new ways to grow your business, increase your revenue and surpass customer expectations. 

Estimated traffic volume and location will determine eligibility.
Any establishments that are busy or have heavy or constant foot traffic will likely qualify. Locations in downtown areas or commercial districts are more likely to qualify.

To find out if you qualify, just contact us and tell us about your location.


The one thing we will definitely need to run the ATM is a standard electrical outlet.

If you’re able to provide a phone line or internet line for us to connect the ATM we would prefer to do it that way. However, if a phone or internet line is not available, then we can connect the ATM wirelessly via a Cellular Network.


As with our other ATM programs, you will have access to online transaction reports, at no extra cost.


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